Simple Protein Pancakes

Have YOU ever: – wished you could just enjoy your favorite breakfast? I mean without the inevitable afterthought: – that you let yourself down. Can’t somebody invent a Simple PROTEIN Pancake??? If… You’re sick of the yogurt, granola a...

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What Is HIIT?

HIIT anyone? What is HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In short HIIT is the fastest way to burn calories and in conjunction with other workouts is the way to get that flat belly we all seek. HIIT is short bursts of intense workout moves i...

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Caffeine Performance Booster?

Caffeine and performance? What’s the Real Deal? Are you a three coffees a day kind of person? I know I am! That sounds crazy, but studies show millions of Americans rely on large amounts of caffeine just to get through the day. This is half the reason th...

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Clean Snack Cake Recipe!

Clean Snack Cake Recipe! Here is a favorite recipe of mine for a Single Serve Vegetarian Snack cake… Ingredients: 1 tbsp Unsweetened Blueberry Preserves or Jam. (Blackberry is pretty good too… and apple could substitute, I haven’t tried the a...

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Working Out at Home No Excuses! (?)

Working out at home No excuses. No, that’s not a “kitty butt” in the title, that’s a question, a challenge, a quest if you will. I often ask myself, “If (insert any name here) is so unhappy with their weight and energy, why won...

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Carrot Cake Pancakes! Delicious? YES!

Carrot Cake Pancakes. Did you ever think those three words would COULD ever be used together? Here is a delicious recipe for carrot cake pancakes! I adore breakfast foods, and am always looking for ways to make them healthier, while tasting better! This recipe...

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